Anti-Aging Stem Cell Rejuvenation: the Fountain of Youth?

Stem Cell, PRP, Exosome Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation Therapy

Regenerative Medicine is a new field of medicine with one goal in mind: to harness your body’s own innate healing potential to Repair, Regenerate and Renew damaged and aging tissues. Our body is constantly renewing itself but as we age this process becomes less efficient and we develop disease. 

As we age our stem cells decrease and stem cells lose their ability to heal and repair

Why We Age?

We are just at the beginning of unraveling the puzzle of why we age.  Aging is a complex biological process involving the breakdown of our body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. 

We know that we are born with billions of stem cells and by the time we reach middle age, we have less than 30 million. And those remaining stem cells lose their capacity to regenerate… 

As a result, our body eventually is unable to keep up the repair and replacement of damaged tissue from environmental exposures, toxins, oxidative stress, immune and hormonal changes, injuries, genetic factors… WE AGE:    Our skin loses elasticity and becomes discolored, our hair thins, we slow down, and eventually develop chronic diseases associated with aging and even cancers.

The New Era of Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cells research is heralding in a new ERA in Regenerative medicine harnessing and reactivating our body’s ability to repair, regenerate and heal itself.    Perhaps one day, Stem Cells will hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of aging and turn back the clock

Stem Cells, Anti-Aging and Facial Rejuvenation

 American women spend over a quarter of a million dollars in their life time on expensive anti-wrinkle creams, lotions and potions. At best these are only temporary and mask the aging process at the superficial level. 

Stem Cells Regenerative therapies are the solution of the future. They attack the problem at the cellular level and have the potential to slow, stop and even reverse the aging process unveiling a healthier, younger you!

Take Years of Your Face

REJUVAnation Medical Center offers advanced and innovative stem cell-based therapies for Anti-Aging and regeneration. Our treatments potentially are capable of repairing the effects of aging acting  by reinvigorating your body’s innate healing powers to rejuvenate you and restore your youthful appears and vitality.

Stem Cells, PRP and Exosome Facial Rejuvenation treatments can take years of your skin’s appearance and may help:

  •  Reduce appearance of acne scarring
  •  Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Reduce hyperpigmented areas and even out skin tone
  •  Improve elastic and tighten sagging skin
  •  Restore your skin’s youthful, healthy glow

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