ED RejuvaWAVE and Stem Cells Treatments miracle treatments and the new WAVE to reGAIN your Health

Great sex again! I have nothing but praise for this clinic and staff!

 Hi! This is Steve from  Wellington! You may have heard my testimonials on radio stations in and  beyond the south Florida region.  Viagra and Cialis worked great at  first but became USELESS after awhile. My erections became rubbery and  floppy even with a full dose of medication.  I could hardly penetrate  and at times couldn't penetrate at all! I had to do something, it was SO  frustrating and depressing!  I went to the clinic noticed a slight  improvement even after my first Rejuvawave treatment.  As treatment  continued firmness and stamina returned! No more penetration problems.  Great sex again! I have nothing but praise for this clinic and staff!    Simply Men's Health is COMMITED to remaining on  the cutting edge of treatment of erectile dysfunction, and when I heard  about their stem cell therapy I just had to try it! I could hardly  believe it!  Everything improved even more, with a DRAMATIC  increase in  sensation. An already GREAT thing became EVEN BETTER! Simply Men's  Health was the first to offer Rejuvawave treatment, and continues to be  the best!! I HIGHLY recommend them.    Stev

Size and stamina were returning. Wife noticed right off!

 I'm 53. I noticed I was starting  to slip a groove a little. I was worried my wife wasn't getting what  she needed. In my assessment I was early onset ED, so I decided to get  in front of this. I have to say without any needles or pills after my  first few treatments my "wellness" was coming back. I wanted something  natural as in without medications. This was it for me. Size and stamina  were returning. Wife noticed right off! My wife and I are very happy!   Jim M

Treated for shoulder and knee pain by having stem cell injections and he's doing fantastic.

 My husband was treated ED and had amazing results. He was also treated for shoulder and knee pain by having stem cell injections and he's doing fantastic. The doctor and staff are first class, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Simply Men!    Trish Murray

My hair is coming back fuller than ever.

 I have had problems with thinning hair since I had bariatric surgery. I tried numerous products and doctors. Fortunately,  a friend told me her husband got this "cap" and his hair started growing.  I figured at this point I'd give this place a try.  They were very knowledgable and courteous. Their cap they made for me WORKS!! My hair is coming back fuller than ever. I'm so thankful I took my friend's advice.   Toby H

Keeping young as humanly possible

 Very professional, very knowledgeable and felt comfortable right away discussing the natural aging process and keeping young as humanly possible.   Rick C

It’s truly a miracle treatment.

 I  am 70 years old and have diabetes and have had heart surgery and had a  stroke. I haven’t had an erection in over 10 years and Viagra did  nothing. I have tried several clinics and needles in the past, but  nothing helped. I heard about this new treatment at Simply Men’s Health,  and I gave it try not having much expectations. To my surprise after my  first treatment I woke up with an erection, something I hadn’t seen in  years, and by my 5th treatment I was having sex with my wife. It’s truly  a miracle treatment. Steven O. 

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Stem Cell Therapy: My heart went from 30% to Normal


79 years old

“After stem cell infusion, I had positive results in the way I felt, and way I breathe and in my ability to get up and down. The most surprising was the report from my doctor after an echocardiogram: that my heart went from 30% operation to almost normal…

Stem Cell Treatment - Now I can get Up and Down

79 years old  - before my stem cell infusion I couldn't get up off the ground if I knelt down... no look!

RejuvaWAVE: REGAIN Your Sexual Vitality-ED CURED


70 year old widow

I was having a very strong case of Erectile Dysfunction. I had a lady in my life and we wanted to be able to fulfill our relationship…

After coming here for treatment, I can tell you that my Erectile Dysfunction problem no longer exists, and myself and my lady friend regularly have sex …. There are some nights we have sex 4 or 5 times. We have a wonderful relationship… 

I want to thank all the staff at Simply Men’s Health for bringing me to this wonderful point in my life. I’m a 70 year old widow, and very very happy right now